Doctor Doom #1

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Victor von Doom, the scientist, a sorcerer with a messed-up face and messed-up soul, is now spending most of his time warning against a trillion-dollar global project to create a black hole on the moon, which humanity thinks will solve all their global warming problems. Doctor Doom finds himself wrestling with visions of a completely different life...a happier future for himself. A horrific act of terrorism kills thousands... and VICTOR VON DOOM is the prime suspect. Doom must push his visions aside as he is bestowed the title of "Most Wanted Man." For the first time, Victor is left with no homeland, no armies, no allies... nothing at all, will the reign of Doctor Doom come to a halt?

Join the anti-hero story of the decade!


Written By: Christopher Cantwell

Art By: Salvador Larroca

Cover Art By: Aco

Page Count: 48 pages

Rated T

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