A Better Version Of: Man of Steel

A Better Version Of: Man of Steel

So… the DCEU is… weird. Some of the movies are good,

others are… yeah, no.

So, here at The Alter Ego, we’re rewriting the first batch of the DC films in this new series. We’ll be leaving out Shazam and Wonder Woman since those films were actually really good. 

Setting Up the DCEU

So, the DCEU wasn’t set up very well. Mostly because of the fact that, beside small references and cameos, you can easily forget that these movies are connected.
The solution? Characters who appear in each of these movies. Think of how Marvel used this tactic to set up the first phase of the MCU. They used Nick Fury, Tony Stark, and Agent Coulson appearing in many of the phase one movies to remind us that these movies are, in fact, connected.
So who would these characters be in this version of the DCEU? We decided on Amanda Waller and Lex Luthor. These characters would have minor roles in these films to remind us that they are all part of the same universe.

Today, we have our version of… The Man of Steel.

Act I:

The beginning of the film would still follow Jor-El stealing the mcguff-- sorry, the codex and imbuing it within Kal-El, and would also still see Zod being trialed and eventually blasted into the Phantom Zone. However, we wouldn’t see Zod kill Jor-El, as we haven’t known Jor-El for long enough for us to care about him as a character. Instead, both Jor-El and Lara would be killed by Krypton’s destruction.

We then see Kal-El’s little space pod drifting through space. Eventually, it lands on the Kent farm in the middle of Kansas. From here, they see Kal (now called Clark) growing up on the farm. In this version, Clark would have parents who are very supportive of his abilities (and wouldn’t rather die than have him save them). Also, Jonathan wouldn’t be sucked up by the tornado in this version.
I mean, we get what they were going for with Jonathan Kent’s whole thing in the film, we just think it was executed terribly. Also, having Jonathan die telling Clark not to use his powers and having Clark immediately ignore his father’s dying wish was a little… what’s the right word…  gross.


After this, Clark grows up and uses his powers as a force for good (he doesn’t impale people’s trucks). He eventually learns from his father about his Kryptonian Heritage and finds the key to the Kryptonian Scout Ship in the Canadian Arctic in the pod that he crash-landed on Earth in.

At this time, we would also meet investigative reporter Lois Lane, who is very interested in the sightings of this “Superman.” She also finds out about the crashed scout ship in the Canadian Arctic and decides to head there to investigate.

Act II:

Here’s where things are going to get very different from the original film. The whole interaction between Clark and Lois stays the same as it does in the film, he saves her from the security measures inside the ship just like in the film, and the two meet the AI version of Jor-El. 

Jor-El would also give Clark the Superman suit, however, he gives him the black version of the suit from the comics, telling us that something’s up with this AI.

Eventually, Zod breaks out of the Phantom Zone, receives the transmission from the scout ship on Earth, and decides to head there. He broadcasts the message to Earth telling them to bring Clark to him. He finds Clark and Lois and brings them aboard the ship. He delivers the exposition dump about the codex and terraforming the earth. This time, however, Clark escapes with Lois with the help of Jor-El, and goes back to his hometown
Eventually, Zod finds Clark in Smallville, but instead of taking him on, he kidnaps Jonathan Kent (remember, he wasn’t killed by the tornado).
Zod then deploys his soldiers to Smallville, and we see the fight from the original film, except this time, Clark is fighting to save his parents, and also, the Jor-El AI is giving him advice throughout the battle. This version of the battle is far more destructive, as Jor-El is telling him to violently rip through the town trying to find his father. 

Eventually, he finds Zod and Jonathan in some remote part of the town. The two fight, and all the while Jor-El is egging Clark on to kill Zod, but Clark doesn’t want to take lives. That is, until Zod kills Jonathan Kent. After this, Clark loses it and ends up snapping Zod’s neck in public.

“But Zod’s not supposed to die yet!!!”
“Yeah, we know, but just hear us ou--”
“You’ve fundamentally shifted the plot of the entire film!!!”
“Yeah, now shut up and listen.”

After this, Clark is distraught, as he just took a man’s life, so he withdraws to the crashed Kryptonian scout ship… his Fortress of Solitude.

We then cut to none other than Amanda Waller and Lex Luthor in Capitol Hill. discussing a news report of Superman murdering Zod and the fight having destroyed hundreds of homes. Luthor is on Superman’s side, as even though Superman killed Zod, he saved thousands about to be killed by the megalomaniacal Kryptonian. However, Waller is opposing the idea that a superhuman can do what they want without any repercussions. Luthor convinces Waller that he can make things right if he just talks to Superman, so he sets off to try to find him.
Luthor knows that Clark had been seen with the reporter Lois Lane just before the battle, so he tracks her down. He learns from her that they met in a crashed spaceship in the Canadian Arctic, so Luthor arranges transport and goes to find him.
When Luthor arrives, Superman refuses to let him in. However, as a master of manipulation, Luthor knows just what to say to get on Clark’s good side, so after a little talking, Clark agrees to let him in. 

Luthor quickly realizes that what Clark was so distraught about, was the killing of Zod. Clark ends up telling him (though not realizing why, there you go, Lex Luthor, master of manipulation) all about the Jor-El AI. Luthor tells him that since it was the AI that told him to, maybe Clark should find out why. So after Luthor leaves, Clark confronts the AI.
The AI reveals itself to be Vril Dox, a scientist from the planet Colu who merged himself with an AI he created (we’re not calling it C.O.M.P.U.T.O here). Vril Dox reveals that he wanted to pull Clark towards the dark side because he was imbued with the codex as a baby. Clark refuses to join Dox, so Dox gives him an ultimatum: Either he joins Dox and repopulates Krypton, as Dox wants an army of Kryptonian soldiers with powers under the yellow sun, or the Coluan will destroy all of Earth. 

Clark refuses to join Dox, so Dox powers up the world engine on Zod’s ship and begins his master plan.

Act III:

Clark gathers Lois and Lex to try to save the Earth. Of course, though, we can’t have Clark wearing the black suit for the final battle, so he redecorates it to be Red and Blue, just like classic Superman.

So Act 3 is mainly just a battle in Metropolis as Dox, now known as Brainiac, tries to terraform the Earth. The battle is mainly the same as it was in the original film, except we substitute Zod for Brainiac because Zod is just… weak as a character. Also, there would be far less destruction within Metropolis, as Clark has learned his lesson from Smallville.

Brainiac, revealing himself to have a corporeal body, descends from his classic Skull Ship from the comics and attacks Clark.

The Battle would go on for a while as Superman fights Brainiac. Superman would not kill Brainiac like he killed Zod in both this version and the original. Instead, an overconfident Brainiac would end up causing his own demise trying to kill Superman. Clark would then destroy the world engine and prevent the terraforming of Earth.

After the day is saved and all is done, Clark gets a job at the Daily Planet. Instead of Superman convincing the government that he should act on his own accord, Luthor would do it. Clark is grateful for this, and says to Lex that he is one of the only people he can trust. After Clark leaves, Lex replies, “Yes, I am” hinting that his intentions may not be as good as we thought.

Final Thoughts

So that’s our better version of Man of Steel folks! Hope you liked it. Everyone has their own opinions of what would make a movie better, so sorry if the stuff we added wasn’t to your liking. And if you like the original Man of Steel…

Find good movies.

Just kidding, all opinions are perfectly valid.


Authors: Alteration & TheEgoManiac

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