10 Hopes for Crisis on Infinite Earths

10 Hopes for Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths is almost upon us! This crossover teased from the very first episode of CW’s the Flash is sure to be the most epic thing we’ve seen in the Arrowverse to date! With that in mind, I’m counting down the 10 things we at sabr want to see most in the event!


1.  Justice League  


Okay, so we’ve seen the characters of the Arrowverse team up in a Justice League-like fashion, such as in Invasion! or in Crisis on Earth X. However, we’ve never seen these characters actually themselves the Justice League. With this in mind, we need to see the formation of the League in this crossover. Perhaps at the end of one of the episodes Cisco Ramon suggests the name, only to be shot down by the rest of the heroes? I really don’t care how they go about forming and later naming the League, as long as we get it in the Arrowverse!


2.  Batman


Out of every character who hasn't appeared in the Arrowverse, Batman is by far the most requested. When we heard that we were getting a Batwoman TV show, fans across the world(including myself) went crazy speculating on how they could introduce Batman into the Arrowverse. Alas, the Batwoman show takes place long after Bruce Wayne has left Gothan. However, that doesn't mean that we won't get Batman in the Arrowverse, and Crisis would be the perfect time to introduce him, having him coming out of retirement to save the Multiverse!

This might not actually be too far off, though, as Kevin Conroy, long-time voice actor of Batman, voicing him from the 90’s animated series up until even the Arkham video game series, has been cast to play a live-action Batman for the first time ever! Rumors have circulated that this Bruce will be an older version akin to that of Batman Beyond, and that more than anything excites me to the core!

Whether this is Earth 1’s Bruce Wayne, or a doppelganger from some other world, we’re all extremely happy to finally get Batman in the Arrowverse!


3.  Older Versions of Characters Getting Some Love


We already know that Burt Ward, John Wesley Shipp (both previously played DC characters on older TV shows or movies), and many more are returning for the event. We also know that Tom Welling and Brandon Routh are returning to play their versions of Superman (giving us three versions of Superman in this crossover)!

But why just stop there?

DC has been making TV shows and movies since the 1960s, so there’s a whole slew to choose from! This could also be a great way to draw fans of these older properties in to Crisis! It might even make them very emotional when some of these characters inevitably sacrifice themselves to save the Multiverse.


4.  Returning Characters


It’s been 7 years since the Arrowverse began with the first episode of Arrow. In that time, we’ve seen many characters leave the show or outright die. Crisis could be the perfect time to reintroduce many of the characters who are no longer around. Kid Flash or Sherloque Wells could come back to help save the multiverse! With the monitor resurrecting characters, this could also be a great time to bring back Captain Cold, Martin Stein (which by extension could bring back Ronnie Raymond), or even Earth 19’s Wells to fight alongside the heroes! I mean, just imagine both Firestorms fighting side-by-side to take out the Anit-Monitor!

5.  Reverse Flash 


We already know most of Eobard Thawne's Arrowverse timeline. We met him before he killed Nora Allen in season 2 of The Flash, but never got to see him go back in time to do so. Reverse Flash played a huge role in comic-book Crisis on Infinite Earths, so it's not a stretch to assume he'll be in this adaptation.

What if we saw Thawne from after the events in season 2 of The Flash, but still before he killed Barry's mother and took the face of Harrison Wells? Maybe in Crisis we could see his story come full-circle while he goes back in time to attempt to kill Flash as a child, but have current-day Flash (who has now aged into the future Flash) stop him resulting in Nora’s death. After this, he could run off to take Harrison Wells’ face becoming the version of Thawne we see in The Flash: Season 1.

Geez, comic-book timelines are confusing.

6.  John Diggle Green Lantern 

In Elseworlds last year we learned from Earth 90’s Flash that John Diggle is Earth 1's version of John Stewart. With John getting closer to his stepfather (who even has the last name Stewart), he could even adopt the name John Stewart! One of my biggest hopes for Crisis is that John gets a Green Lantern ring and becomes Earth 1's Green Lantern. Who knows? With Arrow ending, maybe we could even get a spin-off about John as Green Lantern! (Although HBOMax's Green Lantern show might make it impossible).

7.  Legion of Doom 

The Legion of Doom were the villains of Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2, but that was 3 years ago and it’s time we see them again. They could now bring in many of the characters who’ve been introduced since season 2 of Legends, such as Alice or Bloodwork (if he survives up until Crisis). It could be super cool to see them (possibly under control of the Anti-Monitor) fighting with all the heroes!


8. Star City 2040


“Star City 2040” was one of the stand-out episodes of Arrow: Season 7. With the future of Star City also being explored in Legends of Tomorrow, and many rumors that it’ll become its own spin-off show, there’s no better time to bring back many of the characters we saw in the episode. Personally, I don’t want a spin-off about the future of Star City, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see it explored again.

I mean, imagine Grant Wilson fighting alongside current-day heroes!

9. Mon-El and the Legion of Superheroes  

I think we can all agree that Mon-El is one of the best characters on Supergirl. With the fate of the Multiverse at stake, there’s no better time to bring him back. While they’re at it, they might as well bring back the whole Legion of Superheroes to help defend the infinite earths of the Arrowverse.

10. Dark Nights Metal

Okay, here me out on this one. What if they put the alternate versions of Batman from Dark Nights: Metal into this crossover? Given that we still haven’t seen a proper version of Batman in the Arrowverse yet, they may have to be versions of some other character. Perhaps they’re alternate versions of Oliver Queen? Given that the Red Death was rumored to be the villain of The Flash: Season 6 a while ago, and we know Bloodwork will only be sticking around for the first half of the season, this could be a way to introduce the villain of the second half!

It also means that we might get more Steven Ammell after the finale of Arrow. At the end of the day, though, Ammell might not want to stick around to do that, meaning we’d get a version of Batman, but that’d still be pretty awesome.


Final Thoughts

Crisis on Infinite Earths is less than a month away, and with all the buildup surrounding it and all the returning characters, I certainly can’t wait. Even if none of these hopes/speculations make it into the crossover, I’m sure that it’ll be amazing!

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